Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Search Engine Optimization in Plain English

There are plenty of companies out there offering SEO Services, and we always hear the word SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  So what does SEO really mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methods intent on improving the online presence or visibility of a website in search engine result pages. The term also discusses a group of consultants who convey optimization projects on behalf of clients. It improves webpages so they rank higher in search engines via targeted keywords. This is done to eventually generate more income from the web site. There are many SEO techniques in use today. These procedures are categorized as On-Site Optimization and Off-Site Optimization. Finally, SEO helps form a good design for a site so it will be search engine friendly.

Here is an example:

This is a sample Google search result page.  The keyword being searched for is “seo”.

From the image above, you can see the sites that rank well on the search engine. This is a basic explanation of SEO. Successful utilization will help you monitor the website’s rank and give your clients the return of their investments.

Benefits of SEO

Every company website currently aims to be a competitive entity.  Whether your site sells or offering a product, service or information, SEO deals with the exposure and user-experience desired in a cost-effective way. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital part in a search marketing promotion. It helps accomplish an online achievement, whether you are a small to medium enterprise or corporate business. Without SEO, your website will not reach your target market/audience. It is also not an instant web solution. Engaging an SEO campaign means a lot of effort on your part, particularly when it comes to content. You also need patience, as high search results do not happen overnight! Search engine optimization (SEO) is the basis for any website to attain web traffic. Doing business on the internet has become a challenging feat, with increasing competition in every field. The amount of web traffic your website will get will depend on the many factors of SEO, and the search engines that direct this traffic must be understood for successful development.

An efficient SEO program is the best way for a website to earn exposure. Do you want to spend your time learning a new skill, or would you rather prioritize your business and let a trustworthy SEO company get fast and cost effective results for you?

More information at  4 Things New Site Owners Need to Understand about Search Engine Optimization

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guidelines for Launching Your Career in Web Design

If your goal is to offer the best service via original and artistic website layouts, you must first be familiar with the essentials of website design. You can learn them on your own or employ some content developers and web designers who will create attractive layouts by typing specialized text. To understand the fundamentals of web design, you have to study programs like Flash, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop while brushing up on your HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Get graphic designers who can script because they can invent new, sophisticated designs for your web pages. After hiring content writers and web designers, you also need to learn about internet marketing and how you can use search engines to your company’s advantage.

For potential clients to get an idea of your work, build a website that will serve as your online portfolio. Aside from citing your skills in web design and SEO, post your sample logo designs, graphics and web pages so your clients can better visualize and understand your skills and business. Create an initial draft according to the way you want your website to appear, making sure it will draw client interest. Your business profile’s design can either look artistic or corporate, depending on your target market.

Decide on whether you will work from home or from an office, since creating a website design can be done in the privacy of your home. If you are still gathering contacts to build an established list of clients, working from home is a good idea. Once you have a team of specialists and a stable client base, you can easily transfer to an office elsewhere.

Formulate a sturdy but workable business scheme. If you will be offering web design services, make a catalog of your competitors and your target audience. List down your funds like the expenses for salaries and setting up a company, and the time you need to commit to your line of work. After estimating the overall costs, you will know what to do with your organization. If your resources and space are limited, you can seek advice from web design and SEO experts who work in reputable companies online. They can give you expert recommendations on setting up your business or even build a site to kick start your career.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help your Site Survive Google Algorithm Updates

Performing a search on the Internet can be a breeze at times, but may be problematic and complicated on others. Managing and owning a website becomes a challenge when you are trying to capitalize on certain aspects of SEO to earn high ranks, only to have search engines constantly alter everything. Algorithms that use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) apply ever-changing series of load times, link networks, key phrases, ranking keywords, and many other confusing procedures that are well-hidden from the populace. It is crucial to effectively manage a website and its content, but all efforts will be wasted if you are not familiar with the current updates that are implemented by search engines.

To rid the World Wide Web of those site owners/hosts who have exploited their way to top search rankings, the recent Google algorithm updates aid in figuring out if a particular site attempted to get top search engine rankings through suspicious methods. Before these revisions were implemented, scheming webmasters were able to take advantage of recent trends by creating a site with many pages but with little to no content, among other deceitful tricks. Time and again, search engines have discovered these tactics, and have banned or shut down such sites. The problem is when search engines announce a new algorithm; even websites that follow the rules may also suffer, especially if their content matches the phrases on the latest watch list.

Instead of the usual per-page penalty, the 2011 Panda update of Google penalized a violator’s entire site. It concentrated on the entire user experience rather than plain text. This year, the Penguin update follows the same rule by further analyzing extreme utilization of overlapping links within similar sites, several applications of identical key phrases and deliberate exploitation of link anchor text. To keep your website from suffering penalties from search engines, you must continuously produce new and quality content.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What Is Off-Page Optimization?

The competitive environment of the Internet compels companies to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) routines that are organized well to easily attract their target market. Working intensively with social media, SEO has turned into a significant part of marketing tactics that are targeted towards attracting as much web traffic as possible to an organization’s website.

The main objective of SEO is to apply various tools and strategies that will increase a site’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). A sophisticated SEO program includes two important aspects: offpage optimization and on-page optimization. The on-page element covers the procedures that alter webpages so that their SERPs rank higher. This type of optimization can easily be employed since the webmaster has total control over the required permissions and tools to update a site and make it more user and search engine-friendly.
In contrast, the off-page aspect includes techniques (normally including third parties) that can help a business further improve the site’s SERPs. This should only be used after the on-page optimization has run its course. Off-page optimization mostly uses link building and normally needs good content like press releases, video clips, blog posts and articles that go to different channels.

For all of your SEO strategies to work, it is a good idea to submit contents of your site to popular search engines like Yahoo and Google. This is good practice, and submitting will not cost a thing. Almost everyone in the world has at least one social media account, and this can be an influential marketing tool.
Any organization that wishes to have a strong online presence should focus on offpage optimization and a well-planned social media scheme. Make an offsite society that concentrates on what you are representing to integrate social media into your SEO efforts.
Securing a Facebook fan page or signing up for a Twitter account is a great way to make an offsite society, and you can include backlinks in those channels to direct  more web traffic to your site.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Link Velocity and SERPs

In the field of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, there is a term that talks about the speed and frequency of backlinks being created on any web page at any given period. But this term is not just about speed though. The overall diversity and quality of the links are just as significant as the other paraphernalia. 

Link velocity is the general quality of the links you are creating and the speed they are built around in relation to a particular duration. There are various elements that will help in figuring out good link velocity, and all of these will not fit in a single article.It is vital for you to constantly create good links from many IPs (internet protocol) and sources. Obtaining good links from influential websites will play a huge role, particularly for targetting difficult keywords.

The significance of link velocity

If your brand website is about to go live, you must avoid placing low quality links. Begin your task by creating a few links per week and eventually increasing the amount of backlinks you build. Legitimate link building companies (like 9Dotstrategies) and tools present drip-feed and features for time management which solely aim to direct the stream of links.

Always be aware of the latest methods that you can apply in your link building scheme. Blog directories that have quality links and blogs that allow other users to post are excellent opportunities to broaden your network’s influence. 

Because the Internet undergoes changes everyday, determining link velocity will depend on a lot of factors that are yet to be uncovered. The important thing to remember is ensuring your link building quality and speed in general is constant and as steady as your progress. Learn balance, as you should not be too modest or greedy with your backlinks. As long as you keep an eye on these factors, you will get the search engine ranking  you desire!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Life of a Freelance Writer

The Internet has evolved from being a simple communication tool for the U.S. military to an information superhighway that is used by almost everyone all over the world. This has allowed many companies to promote their goods and services to local and foreign customers, and freelancers have found a way to earn money from virtually anywhere. Most freelancers work by creating articles for firms to use so that their official websites have regularly updated content to attract customers. Most are paid through online systems such as Paypal and Moneybookers. Being a more convenient career path, some individuals leave the corporate world and go freelance as well.

If you are new to freelancing, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals to succeed in online writing jobs. You can find many sources over the Internet like websites, forums and blogs that offer topics on freelancing. But be wary of some unscrupulous and fraudulent scammers who pretend to be employers.

Here are some benefits of being a freelancer:

These jobs are reliable.
As a whole, freelancing is reliable since you can work anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection. This means that you can work despite natural disasters, heavy rains, economic crises or political turmoil. Apart from this, factors like working permits, your religion, or language barriers have no place here. These are reasons why freelancing is the “in” job right now.

These occupations offer convenience.
Those who do freelance work enjoy utter convenience because they are their own boss. Since they only work at home, they are able to manage their time and decide how much work they can finish according to their own terms. This is good news for students, housewives, the elderly or those with handicaps since there is no office to report to, and there is no need to wake up early.

These jobs have minimal operating costs.
Online writing jobs have less operating expenses compared to typical jobs where employees need to spend for taxes, formal clothing and the like. There is no need to endure the hassles of commuting such as traffic and spending on precious fuel. With these perks to look forward to, more people are venturing into freelancing and it looks like it is here to stay.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All About Affordable Web Design

The fields of economics and finance define the word “investment” in varying ways. When the term is used in finance, it refers to putting cash into something where the investor (the person placing the money) eventually hopes to get something extra in return, normally over a long period of time. Smart investors will do a thorough analysis and research first, although it is an entirely optional course of action. The economic theory defines investment as a number bought per unit time of products that are not used, but will be consumed in the future (An example of this is a firm’s capital or money assets).

In the field of web design, investment is best evaluated on the foundation of what it gives in return. Entrepreneurs keep this in mind because it determines their success or failure, particularly with their official website. Business owners pay a lot of money for assurance that their business website is perfectly developed and designed, making this a huge investment on their part. The economy keeps fluctuating because of recessions and financial crises, so more companies are looking for providers that offer affordable web design services.

This type of web design service has become a lucrative business for obvious reasons, and more organizations are showing up and providing these in-demand services. There are firms that truly offer their services at reasonable prices, while some organizations trick clients into paying a bit more for the same quality of service. For companies who are contemplating on investing their time and money on a budget web design team, here are some pointers:

The reputation of the firm

Many budget web designers hide under a fake brand name so that they will appear credible. The main difference between an authentic branded company and these scheming individuals is the work behavior and work culture. Business owners must look at the company’s credentials like past clients and previous work before investing. On the other hand, firms offering affordable web design services should always do their best to stick to their obligations.

The price

When the Internet and web design were still in their early stages, creating an average company website of around five pages typically cost enough money to buy a powerful gaming computer. Technology has advanced, though, making the competition tougher. Nowadays, many web design teams are eager to work even for a small budget. It is best for business owners to compare the prices of at least four to five providers before making an investment.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing

A lot of people are fond of using social media to promote or market their goods and services. This is mainly because social media networks have proven that they are excellent channels for communication. Still, there are many individuals who do not know how to manage or begin their social media marketing activities. Business owners who want their official site to successfully penetrate the market via social media should heed these words.

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1) Update

After establishing a social media profile (registering is free), a company has to post content regularly - at least on a daily basis. It could be a picture or advertisement of their products and services, an inspirational video clip, or anything of importance or interest to the readers. While this takes time and effort, the eventual benefit it will have on the social media marketing of the company will be worth it. Customers tend to pay attention to current posts especially if it offers new, interesting and relevant information. If the firm is not consistent with its posts, they may end up losing customers.

2) Connect

If a business owner does not prioritize connecting with the target market, there is no point in creating a social media account. From the term itself, everyone involved in social media needs to reach out to others. Promoting goods and services is not the only reason that social media is for. It is a way for the company to interact with its customers. Businesses can achieve this by promptly answering queries, participating in discussions, and leaving insightful comments in other people’s accounts.

3) Share
An organization’s social media profile is a significant part of its campaign’s success. It is important in letting your target market know that your company exists. Show a more human side by sharing personal posts or photos. It will help your audience know more about your firm, and they can provide constructive criticism to help your business improve.

4) Post carefully

“First impressions last”. This cliché can also be applied in social media. Wise posting and relevant content ensures that clients get a good first impression of the brand.

5) Let everyone know

Business owners should work diligently to spread the news about the company’s social media accounts. Their social media profiles should display comprehensive information about the brand, so more people will be familiar with the organization. When loyal clients support the page and recommend it to their loved ones and friends, the brand name gains recall and a viral following.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Advantages Of Social Media For Business

Social media marketing involves the techniques that are used to enhance interest or traffic in a particular website via social media. Social media marketing methods generally focus on making web content that will attract attention and entice the readers to share it on their social networking accounts. Some social media marketing strategies which are commonly used are video sharing, image sharing, microblogging, networking, blogging, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and e-mail marketing.

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In this generation where technology is rapidly advancing, using social media for business is a good aid for a business. Social networking sites serve as venues for potential customers and the staff to interact with each other. Here, they can promote or ask questions about the merchandise and services of the company, and share content like photos or video clips, thus allowing the company to form an online community and to promote its products and services through blogs or video streaming sites.

Social media marketing is highly recommended for those start-up businesses that are just beginning to promote their brand over the Internet. The best part is that all the marketing efforts are offered free of charge. All they have to do is create accounts in social media outlets such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn. Through these sites, the company can encourage customers to follow them or add them in their social circles. They can then market their products and services to the target market.

Recent Internet traffic statistics show that 98% of everyone living in the United States alone depends on social networking sites for communication, entertainment or marketing purposes. Six out of 10 individuals around the world have signed up for forums or social media as well.

All social networking sites have their own style or theme, so it is up to the company to observe and determine which type of social media will be compatible with their brand. If the business aims for a very professional, formal impression, LinkedIn is an excellent choice. If the organization aims for an informal, casual vibe, then Facebook is a perfect fit for them. More social media sites are coming out in the open, and they cater to different people with different preferences.

The quantity of money and the number of people who have invested in social media are just amazing. Nowadays, social media access is no longer limited to computers; it can be easily accessed even through smartphones or tablets, so there is no excuse for any business not to engage in one. From the looks of it, social media is here to stay.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Are SEO Services?

This term is defined as a service offered by a provider who takes advantage of search engine optimization techniques to add to the number of users visiting a particular website. If the practice is done properly, an individual or corporation will acquire top-ranking search results whenever a user types in their keyword in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). For example, if a user surfs Google and types the name of the company on the search bar, effective Search Engine Optimization processes will display the business site of the organization at the top of the page where it will easily be seen.

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SEO services which are handled by skilled professionals can make a company’s official website stand out from the competition. Based on statements from SEO experts, these tools can aid business owners in pushing their official sites forward to high-ranking search engines. These services will also make sure that the business website looks unique, increasing the chances of enticing a lot of internet users. Experts of this field take advantage of the latest analytics systems, placing a positive effect on the website.

While current internet marketing firms are competing against startups, their advantage is their experience and the endorsement of clients who are satisfied with their work. These seasoned SEO companies are confident enough to offer a new client “guaranteed services” to keep their rivals at bay.

The strategy behind “guaranteed seo services” may be good or bad for the SEO company. They basically guarantee that the client will have their official site at the first page or top of search engine results, or they give the money back if the client is not happy with the results. The reason for this is that the client’s official site might not even appear on commonly used search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. SEO professionals are not able to predict if the website will show up on the results of popular search engines.

Part of the payment that the firm will give to the SEO company will be used to pay for the monthly maintenance of the client’s official site on top search sites like Yahoo and Google. This has proven to be a sound strategy, because Google has been the most widely used search engine around the world. The search engine giant uses unique algorithms and methods to present the most reliable results for anyone who is searching for information.

Monday, January 7, 2013

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management platform which makes sure that websites run smoothly. The popularity of this platform has encouraged its developers to create various forms of programs for user convenience. Most of these applications get great user feedback, but the Drupal e-commerce programs are the flagship product of the brand. These programs offer hassle-free systems that allow individuals and organizations to establish an online presence and grow their business on the Internet. 

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Online revenues and commerce are now intrinsic parts of the world’s economy, and Drupal e-commerce software does a good job in making sure organizations are kept afloat. The near-perfect e-commerce website design of these applications makes them an excellent choice for boosting online business performance. People who initially anticipated that revenues over the Internet would eventually deteriorate were shocked to see that e-commerce is thriving. Some thought that buying goods and services online would lose steam over time. Fortunately, online revenues are consistent, stable and have significantly increased, thanks to the growing number of consumers who support e-commerce. In turn, companies that transact over the Internet are learning how to better provide fantastic customer service and good deals online.

However, businesses online can only fully maximize their online presence through their websites’ quality and the user-friendliness of the content management systems that are powered by e-commerce software. This is where Drupal e-commerce programs can help. Drupal applications simplify the process for people who want to either sell or buy items online.

Drupal e-commerce software provides services like facilitation of an auction over the Internet; reports and summaries of every sale; management of inventory; subscription options or recurring payments; effective and comprehensive checkout shopping carts, and more. This shows how sophisticated and expansive Drupal e-commerce programs are compared to other platforms. This is not a small advantage, as it can either spell success or failure for a business venture over the Internet.

Customers want a quick and easy way to purchase products and services online. If the business transaction is not streamlined, they are likely to opt for a more convenient website to purchase from, making it difficult for an online company to thrive. Drupal e-commerce programs make sure that web publishers and customers have a fruitful e-commerce experience over the Internet.

Friday, January 4, 2013

E-commerce Solutions In Action

Electronic commerce (frequently called e-commerce) refers to the purchasing and selling of merchandise or services via electronic systems like computer networks and the Internet. E-commerce is dependent on technologies like automated data compilation methods, systems that watch over inventory, EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, online transaction processing, internet marketing, supply chain management and electronic funds transfer. Modern e-commerce procedures normally take advantage of the Internet during business transactions, but it may also cover a broader array of technologies like the telephone, mobile devices, and e-mail. Here are some fine examples of e-commerce solutions in action:

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Constant flow of new Clients

Those technologies which make starting a business trouble-free and inexpensive are also the reasons why more potential customers are looking for merchandise over the Internet. Thanks to the advent of broadband internet services like cable internet and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), surfing the World Wide Web on personal computers has never been faster (Thanks to the growing number of companies that manufacture cheaper computer units). These elements also make more individuals computer savvy, widening the age bracket of people who can efficiently surf the Internet. It is interesting to know that anyone can manage their path through cyberspace, regardless of their income bracket or lifestyle.

 Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this advancement in global technology and faster lines of communication. A decade or so ago, a tiny retail store could only entice customers to visit and purchase via a road sign. Nowadays, online retailers are able to sell even without a storefront, using only credit cards and delivery carriers like DHL, FedEx or UPS to distribute purchased goods to people across the globe.

Product Diversity

The popularity of the Internet allows everything to be virtually sold and bought. An example is the famous auction site known as eBay. Visitors can find, on sale, almost any used item there is in any category. Cyberspace serves as a big virtual mall or open-air bazaar. E-commerce websites can sell furniture, collectibles, financial services, insurance, artwork, jewelry, yachts and real estate. This includes patches of land, timeshares, condominiums, apartments and houses, and automobiles.

Whether it serves a positive or negative purpose, e-commerce transactions can be anonymous. This can be applied to those products that buyers discreetly buy. Companies also use e-commerce to legally sell and protect music and software against counterfeiters.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Hire An Affordable Web Design Service?

Companies utilize various business strategies in order to keep their business thriving. The bad news is that the global economic and financial crises have greatly affected most enterprises, forcing them to either lay off some of their employees or even cease operations.

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To easily promote its products and services to anyone around the world with an internet connection, it is important for every organization to have an official website. This is where affordable web design services get to play their part. From the term itself, companies which offer reasonably priced services can produce websites that are as good as the premium ones. Businesses with official website requirements have a number of key factors to consider: The content they want on their site, the site layout, if the site is static or if it would have multiple pages, database requirements, which platform the site will be designed in, how a user will navigate the site, what the theme or color scheme will be, and of course, their budget.

All of the mentioned queries are the fundamental and significant factors of creating a website that will entice potential clients. Clients have to address all of these questions when hiring a web design team. If one of these is not properly taken care of, it may result in low search engine results and consequently, less profit for the company. Fortunately, with the internet's rise to fame, many web design companies flourished as well, offering quality and competitive services at inexpensive prices.

It only takes some research to find out which company best suits your needs. Many web design companies offer potential clients free quotations and a sample of their services. It is also helpful for the client to ask about the list of clientele that the web design company has handled. This will provide the customer with an insight into the company's performance and will help build their confidence in the web design enterprise in question.

There are websites that give reviews on their experiences with a particular web design enterprise. Information on these companies can also be found in blogs, forums, websites or social media sites. A face-to-face meeting with the company is also recommended so the client and the company can further discuss their plans in detail. Companies often provide contact details on their websites for this purpose.

In these challenging economic times, it is a good idea for businesses to rely on web design companies that provide affordable services. 9Dotstrategies offers world-class web design services at affordable prices.