Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Link Velocity and SERPs

In the field of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, there is a term that talks about the speed and frequency of backlinks being created on any web page at any given period. But this term is not just about speed though. The overall diversity and quality of the links are just as significant as the other paraphernalia. 

Link velocity is the general quality of the links you are creating and the speed they are built around in relation to a particular duration. There are various elements that will help in figuring out good link velocity, and all of these will not fit in a single article.It is vital for you to constantly create good links from many IPs (internet protocol) and sources. Obtaining good links from influential websites will play a huge role, particularly for targetting difficult keywords.

The significance of link velocity

If your brand website is about to go live, you must avoid placing low quality links. Begin your task by creating a few links per week and eventually increasing the amount of backlinks you build. Legitimate link building companies (like 9Dotstrategies) and tools present drip-feed and features for time management which solely aim to direct the stream of links.

Always be aware of the latest methods that you can apply in your link building scheme. Blog directories that have quality links and blogs that allow other users to post are excellent opportunities to broaden your network’s influence. 

Because the Internet undergoes changes everyday, determining link velocity will depend on a lot of factors that are yet to be uncovered. The important thing to remember is ensuring your link building quality and speed in general is constant and as steady as your progress. Learn balance, as you should not be too modest or greedy with your backlinks. As long as you keep an eye on these factors, you will get the search engine ranking  you desire!