Thursday, January 10, 2013

Advantages Of Social Media For Business

Social media marketing involves the techniques that are used to enhance interest or traffic in a particular website via social media. Social media marketing methods generally focus on making web content that will attract attention and entice the readers to share it on their social networking accounts. Some social media marketing strategies which are commonly used are video sharing, image sharing, microblogging, networking, blogging, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and e-mail marketing.

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In this generation where technology is rapidly advancing, using social media for business is a good aid for a business. Social networking sites serve as venues for potential customers and the staff to interact with each other. Here, they can promote or ask questions about the merchandise and services of the company, and share content like photos or video clips, thus allowing the company to form an online community and to promote its products and services through blogs or video streaming sites.

Social media marketing is highly recommended for those start-up businesses that are just beginning to promote their brand over the Internet. The best part is that all the marketing efforts are offered free of charge. All they have to do is create accounts in social media outlets such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn. Through these sites, the company can encourage customers to follow them or add them in their social circles. They can then market their products and services to the target market.

Recent Internet traffic statistics show that 98% of everyone living in the United States alone depends on social networking sites for communication, entertainment or marketing purposes. Six out of 10 individuals around the world have signed up for forums or social media as well.

All social networking sites have their own style or theme, so it is up to the company to observe and determine which type of social media will be compatible with their brand. If the business aims for a very professional, formal impression, LinkedIn is an excellent choice. If the organization aims for an informal, casual vibe, then Facebook is a perfect fit for them. More social media sites are coming out in the open, and they cater to different people with different preferences.

The quantity of money and the number of people who have invested in social media are just amazing. Nowadays, social media access is no longer limited to computers; it can be easily accessed even through smartphones or tablets, so there is no excuse for any business not to engage in one. From the looks of it, social media is here to stay.