Monday, August 18, 2014

The Tinsel Shop Wins Extraordinary Entrepreneur Video Contest

9DotStrategies, aside from being a full-service web development and digital marketing firm, has its support to people with entrepreneurial spirit.

It is with pride that we present you, our newest project awarded to our Extraordinary Entrepreneur, Kristine Marie Padilla. Padilla won a 150,000Php worth of e-commerce website from 9DotStrategies upon winning from our Extraordinary Entrepreneur Facebook Video Contest last April of this year. Her website launched this August 15, 2014 with the help of our dedicated team of experts. Visit!

Tinsel Shop Website Screenshot

The Tinsel Shop Wins Extraordinary Entrepreneur Video Contest

“We are all extraordinary as a person, but one will stand out beyond extra”

In the competitive world of business, an entrepreneur is not simply the person who starts and operates the business; an entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunities, grabs them while taking a tremendous amount of risk in between. He/she should be someone who is creative enough to imagine the future, wise enough to make decisions, and is brave enough to explore the unknown.

But what does being an extraordinary entrepreneur mean? That is what 9DotStrategies explored on when it launched its Extraordinary Entrepreneur Video Contest last January.

The mechanics of the contest is simple: upload a video, which defines what an extraordinary entrepreneur is, and show it. Whoever achieves the highest score based on the criteria for judging wins a dazzling P150, 000 worth of e-commerce website.

The search was long and hard, but among the entrants, one has depicted it more than the rest. She is a motion graphic artist for one of the top television networks in the Philippines for almost 10 years, the owner of the clothing store, “The Tinsel Shop”-- Mrs. Kristine Marie Padilla.

What inspired you to start the business?
“It is a family business,” Padilla said. Apparently, Padilla’s interest started while she was growing up since her family is engaged in the garments business as well. In 2008, she was able to launch The Tinsel Shop online. She joined some bazaars in 2009 in order to gain more sales and popularity in the market. By 2012, she was already able to put up a shop in Ali Mall and open up another one in Robinsons Metro East in 2013.
How were you able to manage your time between your family, friends, and business?

“When it comes to business, I have trusted my employees that is why I don’t have to visit my shops all the time”. She also added that she does not waste any time and she does multiple tasks. She makes designs for her Tinsel products during the dead hours of her job at the network. Tuesday is her rest day and she makes sure that Sunday would be nicely spent with her family. As someone with multiple roles in life, she was able to juggle them all through her sheer dedication and time management. 

What do you think is the hardest obstacle for an entrepreneur, and how were you able to surpass it?

“Of course, roller coaster sales. Also, funds”. As an entrepreneur, Padilla is aware that every business is a risk, but she overcomes problems with her thought of “kapit lang”. It is never an option to give up, and there is always a sign of relief once she realizes that she had already beaten the challenge.

In your video, what do you mean by ‘beyond extra’? What is it that you have more?

“We are all extraordinary as a person, but one will stand out beyond extra! And that’s me”, she stated. Padilla showed her youthful and creative outlook in life through her video that reflects how she manages her business. She explores the world through her imaginative mind and seeks to make her products unique. Padilla stated that unlike other entrepreneurs she is fully aware of the significance of new technologies, keeping up with the trends and relating with her market.

How do you become extraordinary or “beyond extra” as an entrepreneur?

“In business, I do not consider what I want, but what my market wants”, she said. Thinking in a way how her market would respond helped in the bloom of Padilla’s business. She also added that her past jobs had helped her develop art skills.

How do you stay at par with the competition? What serves as your competitive advantage?

“I make sure that my products come differently and with a twist that is why I personally design them (some are bought outside the country). I also want to be the first to offer the product in the market”. She also added that her product ideas evolve from watching shows and doing research related to the industry.

You mentioned that you started in the online business, so what do you think serves as the perks of having your own website?

“Aside from having no required permit, online purchasers cannot ask for discounts. It also saves my business, when there are few sales on shops”. Undeniably, websites and online shops create wider awareness and reach of the target market and it shows strong credibility in public, which she also mentioned.

What joy does entrepreneurship bring to you as an individual?

“There is joy each time I make a sale and I would think, “Yes! Alam ko ang uso!”. Basically, it is all about self-gratification. She would be flattered every time her customers say she looks young. Keeping a youthful appearance and attitude has helped her relate to teenage customers. Though she juggles a lot of work in her hands, it is all worth it at the end of the day.

What is your dream for your business?

“To dress up the whole world!”, exclaimed Padilla. She wanted her shop to be present in all malls and to see how people appreciate her craft. Though it may seem extravagant, she continually strives to turn this big dream into a reality. “Hindi ka din naman forever employee”, she answered when asked about plans of being a full time entrepreneur. In spite of her successful career as an artist, she is fully aware of the constraints of being an employee, especially in today's ever evolving and competitive world.

What is the “secret recipe” for your business to be successful?

“Well, success is subjective and it varies with different people’s perspectives; but for me, the secret recipe is to ‘keep going on’ and ‘staying young”. Since Padilla’s target market is teenage girls, she has to ‘think young, stay young, and be young’ in order to provide the right needs, wants, and trends. She also encountered a lot of challenges, but she just kept going on to arrive at where she is now and sit on her throne of success. 

With her story, being an entrepreneur may seem tough, but rewarding. You need to have a lot of courage to take risks, but along the way you would find it exciting and and worth it when all your hard work pays off in the end. As what Padilla had said, it is gratifying when people love and are pleased with all your hard works. In entrepreneurship, you are your own boss, you can control your own time, schedules, and is free in doing whatever you want, just never forget your values and business ethics. Business is a gamble, and sometimes even the smallest thing can make the difference, it can either make or break you, but in taking these risks, you learn to grow and expand your horizon.
Everyone is extraordinary, we have our own way of thinking, of working, of dreaming as we are all unique in this world. In this vast jungle we live in, being ordinary is out of the question, being extraordinary is a must. At times, to stand out among the rest; we must go beyond what is extra. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

#ChickenSad: ERP Transition That's Costing a Lot of Sad Faces for ChickenJoy Fans

Switching from one Enterprise Resoucre Planning (ERP) software from a new one, it has been since August 1 when Metro Manila citizens are having a shortage of Jollibee Chickenjoy and other food products from the largest food chain business in the Philippines. What caused such shortage in Chickenjoy of Jollibee? Is it due to the ERP migration glitch or the development company’s poor project management?

According to, about 72 Jollibee stores in Metro Manila were temporarily closed in the first two weeks of August due to the shortage of Chickenjoy supplies or none at all.

"Some of our stores are operating with a limited menu as we are currently upgrading our systems. Rest assured that we are committed to having all our products available again within a few days in all our affected stores", explained a representative of Jollibee through its Facebook fan page on August 7.

The Inquirer mentioned on its website that Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) filed a stock exchange report that the disruption of supply was due to a problem in the IT migration as they switch to a new system, but issues will be resolved within the next few days. JFC said that the transition affected their operations such as product loading, vehicle dispatching, and sales order taking.

The shortage of Chickenjoy, Spaghetti, and Yumburger among its food chain outlets received mixed reactions from local customers. The hashtag #ChickenSad went viral in social media channels and even caught the attention of leading newspaper media. shared some insights on the JFC's system switch problem:

1. System migration- JFC reportedly switched from one ERP system to another to manage its database and operations. The sudden migration was conducted in one blow and affected 72 stores in Metro Manila or more. The sudden migration was thought to have glitches due to poor project management planning, User-Acceptance-Test (UAT), migration planning, back up planning, and overall staff expertise execution. Should the project implementation team conduct the ERP migration in test batches/parallel run, bugs could have been fixed easier and within a controlled environment. Also, the old ERP system should have served as a support, while the tests are being run and bugs are fixed during the UAT/migration/action plan.

2. Questionable staffing- Issues arise whether the IT team who handles the JFC project is equipped enough to execute a major ERP migration. Also, questions arise whether the team has the expertise to properly manage the JFC project.

3. Lack of back up planning- It has been two weeks, but JFC still struggles with the supply of its popular food products as well as its customer service management. Questions arise whether JFC has prepared for a probable operational lag while their system is in transition, and the need for alternative management support.

4. ERP- JFC as having nationwide supply chain stores as well international franchise stores, should have given more time in planning for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software switch. The complexity of the processes involved in shifting the business operations system from one ERP to a new one should have allotted at least two to three years in completion instead of one year. Complications are expected to rise when User-Acceptance-Test (UAT), parallel run, migration series are rushed. Also, when the project is handled by developers who have no or minimal experience in ERP development-migration, disaster awaits the client.

5. Local IT support team- Nothing beats the dedication, competence, and reliable qualities of a neighbor.
When working on a big project, it is wise to seek the help of a trusted partner in the local industry. If you can find a qualified and experienced IT company in the Philippines who have trained staff to handle the ERP project, why go overseas? Business processes and corporate culture are better understood by a neighbor who knows how you operate for years. Thus, entrusting the core system of your business should be handled by a trustworthy colleague in the IT industry. Think of total quality, excellent project management, accurate result, and 24/7 IT support. It sounds difficult to find such IT company in the Philippines, but just search and you can have one. When you consider the value that these bring, price becomes a second priority. 

JFC's current situation prompts related IT companies in the Philippines to check their readiness in handling big companies who wish to shift from one ERP systemto another. This question brings into light the availability of professional ERP developers or IT personnel in the Philippines to accommodate local businesses. Also, the proposition that let Philippine-based IT companies work with local clients to facilitate a full-service development project with reputable quality standards.

Are you still #Chickensad? Let's help JFC overcome this system glitch by remaining loyal. Know more about Acumatica, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development company that 9DotStrategies are partnering with, call our Business Analyst at +1-510-936-8878 (US Direct) or +63 02 846-6845 (PH). We will be happy to guide you in your system transition plans.