Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SEO Content Composition Guidelines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that is applied to web publishing to boost the traffic and visibility that a web page gets. This will result in more readership and top rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) because this means that the firm has an excellent online reputation.

Composing an SEO Philippines article will initially require excellent skills in writing. No one will think that a firm has a good reputation, much less visit their corporate site if they do not produce content that is presentable and interesting enough to read. The second requirement is strategic placement of keywords or key phrases in the content, as these are the terms that users search for when looking for something via the SERPs. Finally, hyperlinks that connect to external sources and back to the business site will increase the number of visitors and readers.

All articles have to be informative, engaging, and written well. If it is possible, the content has to show off a unique angle on a particular subject, offer an excellent hook at the start of the piece so that the readers have the curiosity to read further, and contain information which is relevant to the target audience.

Speaking of content that is composed well, aside from more traffic being directed to the official site, this will also encourage link marketers to build their back links around the business website of the company. This encourages online advertisers to negotiate with the firm because they want to place their banners in the site.

Moving on to the keywords, it is a good idea to write down a catalog of keywords or key phrases that can be incorporated in the article. These terms will be helpful to the SEO Philippines publisher since it will be a component of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code via the web page metadata.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some Rules That Cover Philippine Social Media Marketing

Controlling the potentials of SMM (Social Media Marketing) and content marketing can assist in elevating your customer and audience base in a major manner. The challenge in this business venture is when you jump in without any prior experience.

It is crucial for you to be familiar with the fundamentals of social media marketing in the Philippines. From optimizing quality to giving your online entry points a boost, faithfully following these rules will help you start a foundation that will take care of your bottom line, your brand, and your customers.
The Reciprocity Rule
Do not expect other people to talk about you or share your content if you are not doing these things for them too. This means that you have to spend some time with your social networking accounts by discussing and sharing content that is posted by others.
The Accessibility Rule
Do not simply post your content and then vanish into thin air. Allow your audience to get in touch with you. In simple terms, you have to regularly post content and join any online discussions. Online users who follow you may have the tendency to be fickle-minded. If you vanish for a week or so, they might leave your site for good.
The Acknowledgment Rule
If your friends need your help, you will not ignore them. Do not ignore your online followers who are trying to reach out to you. A significant component of a successful social media marketing campaign is forming relationships. Simply put: acknowledge all of the people who are interacting with you.
The Value Rule
If you are directly marketing your services and products via social media all the time, your followers will not listen to you anymore. A good practice for social media marketing in the Philippines is adding value to the discussion. Concentrate less on talking and more on composing excellent content and forming relations with influencers in cyberspace.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Rise of Philippine Mobile Marketing

According to statistical survey data that was taken by a firm called “Mobext Philippines” on May 2013, an innovative form of digital marketing known as Mobile Marketing has boomed in the Philippines, with more than 50% of the major firms claiming that they placed their investments in this chain. The experts who call themselves “mobile marketers” are planning to invest on mobile apps and websites in the future, with every category mentioned by a big percentage of the respondents. The consumers will eventually experience a campaign known as the “social media mobile outreach”.

The specialists of digital marketing in the Philippines also had their say in this topic, as a lot of them observed that a significant advantage of applying mobile marketing is enhanced targeting capabilities. 83.9% of the respondents claimed that the ability of a portable device to target the consumers through geolocation or on the go is a major benefit. 77.4% of marketers valued the capacity of a portable device to distribute one-on-one marketing (or targeted/customized communication) through the chain. These percentages have solidified the demographic and behavioral targeting abilities of portable gadgets.

While the marketers have reason to be excited about the possibilities that mobile marketing will deliver to the Filipinos, they are also aware of the limited coverage that these portable devices have. This is why they are heavily investing on this business venture. Going back to the survey, close to 75% of the respondents cited the imperfect coverage of tablet computers and smartphones as the largest hurdle for optimal investment, and this included technology restrictions like poor connectivity.

Despite the obvious hiccups that are hindering the success of this mobile marketing effort, it is interesting to note that a lot of marketers who are experts in digital marketing in the Philippines have already put their money on this campaign. A research firm called “Informa Telecoms and Media” discovered that smartphones took a mere 14% of mobile links in the nation.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Efficient Content Marketing Secrets Revealed

According to experienced content marketing specialists, composing compelling, impactful and valuable content all the time is an effective way to own their specific media channels and cultivate enthusiastic brand subscribers.

It is true that a good digital marketing strategy in the Philippines consists of an excellent social media campaign and proactive content since they contribute a lot to client conversion. Based on a survey that was done by a content marketing firm in the United Kingdom, two thirds of the individuals or entities which follow brands via Twitter and can also access any unique content that they are offered will most likely make a purchase from these firms instead of their competition.

A lot of businesses and firms still believe in looking for proper media (Internet, radio, TV, print media) prior to making a story. The fact is that it will not work since the specialists of Philippine internet marketing say that a good content marketing strategy should be finalized first to achieve an efficient online marketing campaign.

This also means that if the brand has no “back story” that is interesting and exclusive, Social Media Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will not be effective enough to generate client leads.
Content marketing can be streamlined. Here are some efficient content marketing secrets:

Efficient Content Marketing forms brand loyalty
Good content marketing is not restricted when the consumer buys the item or provides the payment details. It should entice the first-time customers to become loyal supporters of the brand since they are sure about their choice, thanks to focused and simple online content.

Efficient Content Marketing always delivers value
Those firms that have been in the digital marketing strategy in the Philippines business for a long time know that profit is not their only goal. It is in their ability to provide service while adding value for the clients. The content has to express what the consumers need to know and how their company can assist them.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Guidelines for Power Content Marketing

There is no doubt that content marketing is altering the methods that we employ to do business. This includes the process of positioning our bands over the Internet and our practices for engaging the consumers. Based on survey results, 70% of the respondents think that content marketing helps make them feel comfortable with the sponsoring firm, and 60% consider corporate content as an influence to the choices that they make regarding the items that they buy.

Whether you enhance the visibility of your official site in the search engines, support sales activities or generate leads, a good content marketing strategy creates a great impact in a successful marketing campaign.

Here are some guidelines that you can use for power content marketing:

Begin with a stratagem rather than tactics
Those marketers who have just started in the business have good intentions, but they also tend to rely on tactics instead of a concentrated content strategy. The thing is that content marketing is only one part of a grater incorporated marketing campaign. You first have to understand your market and what encourages them to buy products. After that, message development will provide information on the channels and tactics that will best entice your audience. And the last thing you need to think about is including quantity.

Your content marketing campaign should influence your main strategy that will bring the customers to your market, formulating scenarios that promote awareness and drive valuable potential clients to sales conversion. Stay professional despite the tactics that you apply.

Invest on the proper things

Efficient content marketing can only become a reality with the correct resources being utilized. It is a good idea for your internal department to work cooperatively with a third party affiliate. A good content marketing strategy needs the intensity of resources, and an affiliate that concentrates on catering to these requirements will result in better content and a more steadfast outreach.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tips for Improving SEO and Link Building

The universe of digital marketing has witnessed a lot of shifting over the last two years compared to the last decade, and it is all because of the release of the Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. These web tools have changed their internet marketing processes, including tasks like how the back links must be made and how websites must be constructed.

Speaking of the linking strategies for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the links that move from a site to the one you own are called “back links” simply because they direct traffic to your website. Creating these links can enhance your SEO efforts. If your firm is still making use of obsolete link building methods, it is a good idea to think about an innovative strategy for your link building.

For optimal results, concentrate your efforts on the following activities:

Analyzing the links of your competition
Checking out the link profiles of your competitors should provide a number of ideas for possible sources that must also link back to your site. Be careful not to copy the spam links of your competition, and be strict with your link building standards the whole time so that your efforts will produce links of high value. The search engines will like these links since they look natural.

Making viral content
Contrary to prior belief, very efficient linking strategies for SEO do not necessarily require any form of outreach. “Viral content creation” talks about the procedure of posting highly shareable, high value content on a website so that its links can be seeded on popular social media. If you compose amazing content or analyze the reasons why a particular link has been shared, your site visitors will be encouraged to share this with their friends. This will eventually create a lot of back links, and the best part is that you did not need to be directly involved.

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