Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How the Google Panda Update Will Impact Linkbuilding

The search engine giant Google has recently updated its program algorithms to address the issues of some websites that are making us of Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to cheat their way up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and illegally have their sites ranked high. 

Now that many industries are aware of the Panda Updates, they must tread carefully so that their business will not be adversely affected. The Web Design and SEO Philippines team has to wonder how these changes will impact their linkbuilding activities.
Links have to be varied every time.
The search algorithm that Google created and tweaked managed to find some unscrupulous linkbuilding practices from sites that carried major brands such as Forbes and JCPenney. These updates also helped the search engine giant penalize or ban scraper or spam sites as well as websites with poor quality content.
Websites that Google tags as “low quality” will lose credibility.
Some of the websites that were recently penalized by the search giant include etcetera, mahalo, ezinearticles and wisegeek. This means that authors of the content in these pages will expect less backlinks from these sites since almost everyone in the planet uses Google for their search needs.
Websites that are filled with advertising tricks like Google Ad sense and text links will be avoided.
While Google will not consider these sites useful, the users themselves will experience inconveniences like intrusive pop-up ads when browsing the site. After going through that, they will definitely listen to Google and avoid other sites like this in the future.
Websites with no or little moderation will also be avoided.
If a user visits this website and posts a comment, and this comment is approved after a few minutes without a reply, this may be a site that is full of spam advertisements or outbound links. The The Web Design and SEO Philippines team has to make sure that their back links are not found there.