Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Evolution of a Logo

A logo that is designed well will make it easier for prospective customers to find out how your company can be of service to them. This emblem is a visual representation of all the things that your firm stands for. Some of the most popular signs include the signature swoosh of Nike, or the golden arches of McDonald’s. Sadly, the fact remains that most organizations are still not effectively taking advantage of this important identity piece.

The ideal concept is that the logo of your company boosts the vital first impression of your firm to your business affiliates and prospective clients. The best logo designers can help build loyalty between your customers and your business, found a brand identity, and offer the professional appearance of an enterprise with a lot of experience.

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Types of logos
Logos can simply be divided into three types. Going back to the example above, the swoosh emblem of the Nike brand is one of the abstract graphic signs that are connected to the company. There are emblems that use a literal approach to express the work that a firm does. For example, a company that paints houses employs a drawing of a paintbrush for a brand name. Finally, the font-based signs are primarily made out of a type treatment. For instance, the logos of Sony, Microsoft and IBM apply alternative type treatments in order for their organizations to appear distinct.

It is a fact that typical startups do not have the years of effort and the resources that are needed to build these links, so an emblem that clearly demonstrates what they do or what they stand for is most likely a better decision.

Creating the logo
Prior to your first sketches, make sure that you express the message that your emblem will convey. The logo designers can assist you in composing an image with a one-liner and mission statement. This is designed to help you centralize your efforts. Keep this statement in mind while making your brand name and stay true to it.