Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Are Doorway Pages?

What are these, and why would you want them built in your official website? Doorway or Gateway Pages refer to those sites with one page that link to other sites. They work similar to the conventional calling card, but aside from these pages taking advantage of the Internet, they are also straightforward enough to efficiently direct traffic to its last stop, while offering enough information to acquire search engine positioning.

When placing doorway pages in your site, you have to make sure that it will give information that will encourage an internet user to look at your page. Keep in mind that this object has to be an authentic webpage, and not a shell that is full of keywords. It has to load at a fast rate, so do not paste big images all around the site. Provide your content, your backlink to your homepage, and a small image for the logo.

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If you wish to promote your website as an internet affiliate, you will need a gateway page. A lot of sites that you can place ads on, such as Google AdWords, prohibit the incorporation of affiliate links in advertisements. This is where doorway pages come in handy, as you will install your affiliate link here. Here are some tips on correctly putting the gateway pages:

Build the page

Creating these objects can easily be done on a word processor (Microsoft Word or Notepad), an application (Dreamweaver), or a related website that has tools for that. Surf around the World Wide Web and get inspiration from other sites. Look at their colors, fonts, text sizes and layouts so you can code the page you like, Text can be converted to hyperlinks that will direct visitors to the websites you choose. Doorway Pages can also pay you if a user clicks on them.

Host your page and make the domain

After building your webpage, host it online so visitors can drop by. Hosting sites are willing to accept gateway pages with no problem, since most of them offer their server space and domain for a premium.