Monday, May 20, 2013

The Lowdown on Google AdWords Accreditation

If you are an aspiring marketing professional, you might have heard the buzz on Google Adwords for the longest time now and have wondered one time or another, What is Google Accreditation? How can I be accredited?

The AdWords Certification is rewarded to digital marketers who demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise on Google’s AdWords Program, especially when it comes to AdWords management. These experts are extremely adept at setting up, optimizing and maintaining AdWords accounts and campaigns through tools and strategies that meet Google’s stringent standards.

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To be certified, candidates should be signed up under the Google AdWords program, without any incurred violations or penalties. He must have also managed an AdWords account (either his own or a client’s) for 90 days, with a minimum total spend of 1,000USD during the duration of the time.

Lastly, he must pass a series of examinations in various Google advertising subjects. Taking this professional exam is pretty much like taking any other exam – with more focus on best practice strategies - although the expense is not really that significant. Individuals and companies alike can apply (and thereafter be certified as a Google AdWords Qualified Individual or Google AdWords Qualified Company, respectively).

Qualified applicants are granted a badge (partner companies) or a certificate (individuals); a Google page that showcases their professional profiles; 20 AdWords offers that they can use on future client accounts; and other sales and marketing resource tools to help them acquire new businesses. 

With Google’s evolution to being more than just a search engine, it has become a distinguished and trusted brand that has opened wonderful opportunities particularly in the field of SEO. The benefits of certification on your marketing career and efforts are significant. For hopeful SEO professionals, it can serve as a stepping stone into the SEO industry. It lends more credibility and authority. Add to that the incredible fulfillment and esteem boost it provides.

As an SEO company, you can state your certification in your pamphlets, banner ads or any other promotional and marketing products to gain your prospective clients’ trust and business. It shows that you have in-depth comprehension of the system, and assures existing and future customers that you’re taking all steps possible to provide better service. In addition, Certified Partners are entered into Google’s Partner Search Directory, therefore improving their online visibility and directing more businesses to them. Ultimately, these benefits mean more profit, be it for individuals or companies.