Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Being a Graphic Designer Rocks

Graphic designing is one of those professions that offer great flexibility and fulfillment both in a creative and financial sense. Here we give you nine reasons why being a graphic designer rocks.

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•    More room for creative freedom

Being a design artist allows you to unleash your creative prowess while creating decent revenue. In fact, it is much easier to make a profit out of the graphic design jobs than any other fields in fine art. If you love both fine arts and computers, then this job just might suite you.

•    Choose your medium

There are a variety of art mediums for you to choose from while working, with web and print being the most prominent. Web tools are intensive and using them will allow you to harness programming potentials along the way, including HTML, PHP and CSS – all of which are sought-after skills in both web-based outfits and offices (thus making you more marketable).

•    Wide client reach

Almost every business in the world requires graphics – be it an advertising firm or a clerical office. You’d have wide clientele options, all waiting for someone to fill in their marketing collateral needs.

•    Be able to do work at your own pace and place

There are plenty of online job sites out there like O-Desk and Elance where you can get freelance work from clients who are looking to outsource labor. This allows you to generate revenue within the comfort of home and according to your own timetable.

•    Establish your own operations

If you’re not too keen about being an employee, then you can opt to take the DIY course and run your own graphic art studio. Not only will you be able to extend your customer-base to bigger brands and attain better brand exposure, the ROI is bigger too!

•    An easy career to launch

Contrary to other professions where you’d have to finish a 4- year degree in school and take licensing exams,  it is pretty easy to establish. All you need are a working PC or laptop, the appropriate software tools, stable Internet connection and your bagful of designing and networking skills, and you’re good to go!

•    Can be self-taught

While there are schools offering short courses, this is not really a job requirement for most companies or contractors. In fact, the best ones are completely self- taught. There are tons of tutorials and books available that can help you on learn on your own. Be sure to practice regularly as much as you can, though.

•    Minimal expenditure

Doing freelance work creates huge savings on transportation and gas, clothing expenses, and other things that are required when working in the office. Web expenses such as domain and web hosting are necessary particularly for showcasing your online portfolio, but compared to an average employee’s expense, this comes out as nominal.

•    Greater success for digital marketing

When you have a web-based job, selling your skills to potential employers is easier too. Online communities are vital to establishing your presence and widening your reach, and the Web is brimming with them: forums, blog rolls, organizations, among others.