Monday, December 19, 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Content Writing Firm

When a business is in operation, one thing that immediately becomes evident is that there are so many things to do but not enough time to do them. Companies have to work like a machine to stay in business as long as possible with tasks like delivering and developing new services and products, managing the day to day operations, and looking for new clients while keeping the existing ones.

Because technologies and the Internet are evolving at a fast rate, computers are becoming more affordable. This means that more people have the privilege of surfing the Internet from any point that has a connection. The current business trend is for a firm to have an official site to interact with customers and sell their merchandise with the help of writing quality contents. These promotional tools include updating your corporate blog, using social media to interact with the consumers, and maintaining the official site that was built.

Most users who visit your site are looking for useful information, not necessarily to order anything. While you are busy taking care of the other aspects of your business, you can employ a content writing company to take care of the articles in your site since the goal of your corporate website is to promote your brand and its products to customers.

Here are some benefits of hiring a writing firm:

Updated knowledge of what is happening to search engine algorithms.
Google has been penalizing certain websites that make use of Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization using unethical means to make sites rank high). A company that creates good content does not have to worry about this since they are making articles that engage readers and are search engine friendly.

Good content is part of a marketing strategy that gives your company an online voice.
Writing quality contents is great for a promotional strategy where your company can interact with your customers in a professional tone. The veteran content writing firms are familiar with how certain industries function, simply because they have worked with other clients in the past. This will give your potential and existing clients the impression that your company is an expert in your particular field, and will be comfortable doing business with you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

4 Must-haves of an Effective Web Design Company

Are you looking for a trustworthy and extraordinary web design company? How do you know if you are getting a good deal or if they are ripping you off? What makes you think that they will deliver as promised? Should you trust them with confidential product information?

Answer these questions by reading through our major tips for considering candidates for a partner design company. What are the things that you should think about?

Complete and updated Contact Information

If a good design company has nothing to hide, it will gladly encourage people to get in touch with them to gather as many leads as possible. All of the information below must be easily visible from their corporate website:

•    Official Company Name
•    Office Address
•    Email Address
•    Phone Number
•    And if possible, a Google Places link to their office

Another good sign is if they get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry whether it is via email, SMS or even via their Facebook fan page.

Fast-loading Pages

Any corporate website that loads for more than 4 seconds on normal internet speeds is a goner. Their corporate site is supposed to be one of their best products and if they cannot optimize their store front for fast loading, then you are better off elsewhere.

Leads-capturing Mechanism

If the corporate website has encouraged you to get in touch with them, leave them your email address or better yet, chat with their online team, then you are in good hands. Any web design company who takes online leads seriously shares the same value with you. Live foot traffic on your website is absolutely important and you must act immediately when there is someone on your site. Some good lead capturing mechanisms include:

•    Inviting email newsletter subscription forms
•    Free trials of products where your email address is required to process the trial
•    Online customer support popups like Zopim and Zendesk
•    Sign up sheet for free offers or discounts (again, making you leave your email address with them)
•    Interesting blog that encourages you to subscribe to its newsletter or RSS feed

Easy Navigation

Lastly, a web site for a design company that does not need tutorials or does not make you look for something for more than 5 seconds is a well-designed site. And you want that same editing eye for your projects. You don’t need all of the links you list for your product.

Oh and one last thing, the design team MUST have a mobile-responsive website or else, look somewhere else. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How a Responsive Website and a Mobile Marketing Campaign can restore your Online Presence

If you are one of the online business owners whose website ranking fell, then your online sales could have been affected too. You might be looking for ways to regain your position among search engines as well as increase your sales. There are two ways to solve your problem: convert your website into responsive and implement a mobile marketing campaign. 

A responsive design lets you view your website perfectly across smaller screen sizes. This means, you don’t have to scroll to the left or to the right just to view the next part of the page. With a responsive web design, you can now browse your favorite sites on your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a perfect view and a readable content. You can easily see call-to-action buttons on top or side for quick e-commerce transactions. Also, the images and contents are minimal to facilitate faster downloading time. 

 The convenience of surfing, shopping, and socializing through your Smartphone is getting more attractive among online users and is a demand nowadays in search engines.  No wonder why, Google/Yahoo/Bing is preferring websites, which are responsive. So, to regain your rankings, convert your website into responsive and start seeing improvement as you include social media, e-commerce, and other mobile software application features.

On the other hand, the mobile marketing campaign lets you maximize the features in your responsive website design. Start integrating your social media campaign into your mobile software application features. For example, you can feature the mobile application in your Facebook page, and allow users to play it/download it/ share it. This allows you to earn live links and enlarge your online presence, such an instant popularity for your brand. Also, you can easily send messages and post advertisements about your product/service through the social media sites without spending much. This lets you reach your online target market directly and create conversion fast. The mobile marketing strategy allows you to regain your online popularity and increase sales within minimal budget and time. 

Converting your website into responsive and launching a mobile marketing campaign might need adjustment on your business, but the benefits are huge. It is worth considering, especially when you need to cope with the buying trends of your target market, and penetrate the growing population of Smartphone surfers. It is strategically wise to invest on updating the features in your website, and integrating social media strategies into your mobile marketing campaign. Being able to directly interact and share information with your target market online is a big step in recovering your business from the impact of search engine algorithm change.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Designing Your Website - Upgrade Your Free Blogspot Website

Like to have custom website design? Can't you upload some songs for your online music store? Do you want to feature your product launch video? Does your category list needs a professional look? If you answer yes to all these questions, then it is time to upgrade your Free Blogpost website. You can seek the help of a Web design Company in the Philippines to do the further customization of your site.

If your business requires you to feature singles from the latest albums; then it will be a must to enable your music widget, and get more data storage to upload and showcase your audio files. You can only do this, if you will host your own website.

Another sign that you need to upgrade your blogspot website is when you have produced product launch videos as part of your new marketing campaign. You can either ask a friend to develop a fully-functional website for you, or hire a Web Design Company in the Philippines that is an expert to do the job for you.

The ultimate sign that you should get your own website hosted is when the Services list is scattered all over your main page. When you see posts, photos, and category tabs showcasing a repetitive or random featured products/services all over your main page, then you must consider a custom website redesign.

 If you need custom sales tools, try the e-Commerce that will enable integration of online payment gateway. This helps you install PayPal, DragonPay, and other software applications to boost sales management right on your website. The integration will require basic programming skills to connect API systems into your database software, and into the main website. 

Should you need a professional Web Design Company in the Philippines to help you implement your plans for your online business site, call (+63) 905 556 2696 (PH). We will be glad to take your business into greater heights.