Friday, June 21, 2013

Stepping Up the Game with Google Ad Management

Marketing to customers grows more difficult and more costly by the day, with so many companies resorting to commercial advertising. The challenge of being able to discover ways to encourage customers to make contact and avail products and services without spending a fortune plagues marketers on a daily basis.

This is where pay-per-click or PPC advertising comes into play. As one of the most effective advertising methods today, PPC ads direct highly targeted traffic to company websites, and for less than what traditional media modes cost.

One of the most popular forms of #ppc is #googleads, which like its counterparts’ (Yahoo! and MSN) allow companies to create advertisement text, banners and others, and select keywords that they deem appropriate for their ads. Advertisers only pay whenever a visitor clicks on the ads, and they can also set or bid for the amount of their daily or monthly campaigns, thus giving them absolute control of their campaign costs and flow.

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For many marketers, the secret to an effective campaign on Google is proper and effective Google Ads management. But what is #googleadmanagement? What are the benefits of successful ad management?

Through the Google Ad Manager, publishers can manage ads on their respective sites. This is made possible by adding an advertisement code on the ad tool, then embedding that computer-generated code on their websites. Once done, each ad unit can be effectively tracked, primarily page views, CTR and other related statistics. It also allows publishers to geotarget each ad unit.  It is compatible with graphics, texts and videos.

Managing Google ads efficiently is crucial for achieving effective PPC campaigns via AdWords. It takes continuous work and research and the whole process itself can turn out to be stressful, but learning your way into the system does reward your marketing efforts significantly. With the right management strategies, you will be able to create more effective and highly targeted campaigns and optimize your keyword research and strategies, even your workflow, so you stay ahead of the game.

Optimized Google Ad Management provides the following benefits for your business:

•    Greater return of investment (ROI) with more cost-per-click
•    Get higher scores to improve your ad rankings
•    Reach a wider client-base that will later on lead to more conversions
•    Obtain more relevant, targeted traffic and less irrelevant ones 
•    Huge savings on unqualified clicks
•    Get to know your customers better so that you can adjust your ad campaigns according to their needs and desires.

Google Ads may be a lot more complicated than what some marketers perceive, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to garner site traffic and revenue without burning a hole in your wallet. And efficient Google Ad management is your best bet to making that happen.