Friday, June 14, 2013

Web Design and SEO Go Together

How a website looks and feels from the outside is a vital factor in attracting visitors. But from then on, there has to be that glue that makes consumers stick to a site beyond aesthetics. With the population of web users and websites alike growing exponentially by the day, it has become obvious that that certain thing that makes them stick, is good SEO technique, and it is indispensable.

As of writing there are over 130 million active sites on the Web, and this figure is expected to increase significantly throughout the years to come with more bloggers joining the digital arena. As the space gets more packed – add to that the volume of competitors who provide similar content - raising brand awareness and getting readers' attention are becoming extremely challenging by the minute, even for established websites. 

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No matter how eye-candy one's website is, it can be buried underneath a pile of competitors in an instant without search engine optimization. In these revolutionary times, great design just doesn't suffice. Businesses, bloggers, and webmasters all have to incorporate sleek SEO strategies to ensure survival and success on the web.

Over the years, we have seen marketers create a monster out of SEO, employing shabby strategies to get ahead of the game. These people have found a way to trick their way into higher Page Ranking, more backlinks and higher search results status. Thanks to the implementation of Google's Panda/ Farmer Update, quality content is making a glorious comeback as an accurate parameter of online credibility and fame.

The challenge now is for businesses to find that middle ground to succeed. Successful, well-established sites share a common ground: exceptional web design and SEO. These two go hand-in-hand in baiting loyal, “hooked” customers. Design provides that initial physical attraction,  ensuring that the consumer's attention is captured, and SEO, through valuable, one-of-kind content, offers the inner beauty beyond   visual pleasure that will make visitors stay and go back a second, tenth, or hundredth time.

In addition, search engine spiders are text-based; they are unable to understand images which make SEO even more important. If great design is intended to please the human eye, SEO aims to lure search engine bots so that more site traffic is generated.

There is an adage that goes like, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Make a good first impression with visually appealing designs, but also make sure you have relevant, well-written material and enough SEO strategies under your belt to turn that good first impression into a lasting one.