Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Link Building Tactics That Are Still Effective

If you are making a living by writing articles so that they can be posted on web sites, you are doing this for web traffic. If you are making an effort to attract a lot of web traffic to your target site, you must be familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you know some things about SEO, it means that you are trying to create back links to your target site.

If you are doing these things but are not aware of how powerful these digital marketing tools are, you need to know these facts. Linkbuilding in 2013, combined with SEO, will give you the power to direct loads of web traffic to your website as long as you are implementing these tools properly. Keep in mind that the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) will rank a page according to the amount of quality links that point to your site.
During the years prior to 2012, business websites would rank high just because of random links that point to your site with almost any keyword. The people at Google started to notice this, and updated their search algorithms so that sites with tons of back links but no or little quality content were either given low ranks on the SERP or penalized by banning.

Here are some link building tactics that are still effective:

Guest posting
If you have a blog, but composed an article that would show up on another site as a guest (presumably with the same niche), you can get a lot back links, especially if the site you are posting to is reputable. Aside from a blog post, try to produce an excellent presentation or infographic to help generate more interest for your site, as well as the website you are posting at.

Composing quality content
Linkbuilding in 2013 or any other year will not be possible without content that will encourage readers to visit your site again and again. The logic is simple: Write an article that your readers will find helpful, and your site will attract back links naturally. There is no better strategy than this.