Monday, July 1, 2013

Philosophies of Marketing Campaigns in the Digital Era

Before the evolution of computer technology and the Internet, a person who is involved in marketing used to have a simple life. There were only a few channels on TV, a handful of stations on the radio, some popular magazines and maybe a newspaper of two. Grabbing the attention of the consumers was easier, since the marketers only had to compose a convincing message to promote the services and products of their clients.

We now have TV units that can display hundreds of channels, a growing number of websites, and thousands of electronic devices that can operate applications and surf the Internet. Businesses had to adapt to the changes, and Digital Marketing was born. It is true that promoting a brand and its merchandise is challenging. Technology just made it more difficult.

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Marketing used to only be about communicating benefits and identifying needs. Now it focuses on creating immersive experiences that will keep the consumers engaged. This means that a new set of capabilities and skills have to seamlessly go together. Here are some philosophies that can guide digital marketers:

Explain the Business Goals clearly

Because this age of digital promotion is going by so fast, everyone in the industry is doing their best to keep up. While this is happening, all of the professionals are under pressure to proactively incorporate developing media in their promotional campaigns so that they will be “progressive”.
But then, a good promotional approach does not depend on the neologisms or gadgets it uses. It is still effective if it delivers positive results. How the marketer defines the intent will affect the entire project.

Employ an Innovation Group to Activate, Evaluate and Identify Growing Opportunities
Marketing managers are busy individuals. They have to proactively watch over the marketplace, communicate with the merchandisers, spot business opportunities, and operate the promotional campaigns. They cannot be expected to catch up with all the budding tactics and technology.
It is vital to have a department that will identify rising opportunities, collaborating with small businesses and running digital marketing programs to test their true capabilities.