Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Optimizing Your Guest Blogging Experience

As the name connotes, guest blogging is writing content for a blog other than your own. As time passes, the popularity of this practice increase, with the blogging community recognizing its tremendous benefits for everyone involved. Guest blogging presents a win-win situation: the blogger gets increased exposure for himself or his business by creating more backlinks and driving more site traffic; the other blogger is able to populate new, unique content for his readers to enjoy, without constantly having to research and write fresh material. It also renders a different perspective and personality to the blog itself.
However, it’s not as simple as constantly populating content from other bloggers, or passing on new material to prospective blogs. To maintain reader interest, there are etiquettes to follow and certain guidelines for guest blogging the right way.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.
1.    Create an eye-catching headline.
The headline is the first thing that captures a reader’s attention. Headlines that are too boring or cryptic tend to get bypassed. Your headline need not contain highfalutin terms or impressive jargon. Keep it simple but appealing. Make sure that it encapsulates what readers could expect from the post.
2.    Make your content easy to read.
Not everyone has the time or the patience to skim through lengthy posts. 9Dotstrategies’ content writers usually employ bullet points and lists to make verses easily scannable to the impatient eye. Proper cutting of paragraphs is also important; a chunkful of words tend to bore readers, so be sure to cut your paragraphs as appropriate.  Make use of sub headings to help readers decide if they want to browse an entire paragraph or not.
3.    Write succinctly.
Brief but informative - that’s the way to go these days. No matter how well-crafted it is, if a sentence doesn’t blend well with a paragraph, ditch it.
4.    Insert photos and videos every now and then.
Readers prefer to read posts with graphics. It helps them visualize the story better, indulging the senses deeper into the reading experience. Visuals prevent the post from getting too saturated with text and your reader’s ideas from wandering off.
5.    Don’t oversell.
Offer more information and opinion than promotional material, Readers hate it when they feel like they are being sold to, or being drawn near that line.
6.    Re-read and proofread.
Often there are misspellings and grammatical errors we tend to overlook during the first draft. Errors lessen your credibility and make the content look shabby. No matter how busy you are, always go back to proofread and cut some more as applicable.