Monday, March 11, 2013

Get Top Search Engine Rankings with Link Building

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about employing tactics to make a particular website secure top ranking in search engines. The most commonly used methods for effective SEO involve content submission, keyword research, organized pages with appropriate titles and descriptions, and social media integration. But all these routines will depend on link building to fully function.

Think about it. Even if you posted an excellent article on a social network, if you did not include a backlink - or link that points to your website – readers will have a difficult time finding the source of the article.  Your efforts to obtain a high search engine ranking will be wasted. People thought that link building was a thing of the past, particularly when the algorithm revisions occurred, but this SEO method will remain a significant part of search engine ranking.

Google’s Panda update has made internet marketers, bloggers and webmasters more cautious about how they go about their links. This sophisticated update provides further analysis on websites, and here are some link building tactics you can use:

Quality over quantity
Webmasters and bloggers are usually concerned with the quantity or the amount of links they have. An example involves 10 links with a PageRank score of 4 or more that are said to offer more than 50 links taken from websites that are ranking poorly. While it is vital to build links from top ranking websites, these links will not always be available, particularly if the high ranking site was banned or demoted due to the algorithm update. If you are able to create around 5 to 10 high quality links for your internal resources or blog, you will still earn a good PR score.

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Focus on a niche you are familiar with
A frequent error of bloggers and webmasters involves collecting links from websites that have nothing to do with their niche. For instance, it will be strange to find backlinks to a pharmaceutical site if your website is talking about the latest mobile gadgets. With careful analysis, you might spot other sites that share your niche and have inbound links you can gather.