Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Is Quality Link Building?

Search engines (Google included) apply a number of signals to figure out the authority and reputation of any website. However, the most influential aspect of these signals is the diversity and quality of the links that are arriving from other sites. The logic is fundamentally founded on the principle of voting, where your one vote is represented by one link from a site you do not own. You might quickly assume that getting a lot of links will be great for you, but that thought can be deceiving.

As far as quality link building is concerned, obtaining one backlink from a source you trust is better than getting a hundred links from sites that spread spam. The owner of the website can earn top ranking and good links by simply offering outstanding service or producing excellent content. However, this process alone is not always adequate since there are plenty of content writers and webmasters who do the same thing. There are those who go the extra mile and apply other techniques to earn top rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). These extra services will give you the edge over the competition, and you will reap this benefit if you decide to hire a specialist in creating links or a reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm.

If you want this white hat SEO campaign to be used in the promotion of your official website, here are some things to keep in mind:

Every link is uniquely created
Links are not just simply links. All the links that arrive at your website are given varied levels of respect and trust from your favorite search engine. Not only are the search crawlers indexing your site for keyword phrases and quality link building and studying its code, they are also applying the same analysis for every website that links to yours. If the search engine discovers a reputable site in your links, it is given more value.

Uniqueness is the key
Collecting many links from only one website is not good. It is best to obtain links from various domains to keep things distinct. While it takes effort to get links from different sources, it will pay off since the search engines will notice that your site is getting “votes”. This will give your site more value.