Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Determining the Correct Price for your SEO Efforts

Mastering and learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just for maximizing the potential of your web pages or site. It also allows you to earn extra income by allowing you to market your in-demand skills to e-commerce professionals who wish to know what you know. But how do you set the price for your SEO work? This is a complicated query that many less knowledgeable or newly established SEO companies often wonder about.

Since internet marketing was in its infancy, Search Engine Optimization and various marketing tactics have been widely acknowledged as effective by thousands of companies all over the world, regardless of location or size. This might have been triggered by the growing number of customers who are purchasing goods and services over the Internet. No matter what the reasons are, SEO consultants are surely making huge profits from their services.
Here are some tips on how you can go about charging for your Online Marketer talents:

Know the services that you can offer clients.
Determine what goods or services are relevant to your clients and your clients’ geographical location. There are companies that offer SEO know-how, and you can also take advantage of Google Adwords and its management tools. If you offer any other specializations aside from your SEO skills, list them down and consider them when identifying your service’s overall value. 

Find out how much your competitors are charging.
Every company strives to be the best, aiming to have their competitor’s customers to solely utilize their services. Your rivals will compete against you any way they can to ensure that they are able to provide more value, sometimes by decreasing their prices while offering the same quality of work. Determine how much they charge and find out if you can match up to their values considering  your estimates.

Do not settle for less than what your talent is worth.
Speaking of matching prices wth your competitors, you may lower your overall price by 5% but nothing lower. With unique, quality work, it would not be difficult to find great customers who are are willing to pay for the same services as other SEO consultants can provide, but for a less expensive price.