Monday, March 4, 2013

SEO Advice for Startup Organizations

People who are in search of information on the Internet often revert to Google as their top search engine of choice for its ease of use and navigation. If any website wants to obtain high levels of traffic, its website link has to appear on the first page of the search results when certain keywords are typed. Google applies a complicated algorithm when ranking websites. Only a few employees are made aware of this special source code, as anyone could use this for unscrupulous purposes, like banning legitimate sites. People who work in an SEO company or those who know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have been formulating ways to control search engines like Google for years. These firms formerly employed tricks like scattering hidden keywords around the website, but the current algorithm is smart enough to detect such artificial methods. There are natural, organic methods to help your site rank high in search engines like Google by bringing in a lot of web traffic.

“Content is king.”
As overused as this cliché is, your website needs a constant stream of content to keep search engines from indexing it, and the visitors coming in. Your content must be related to your website’s general content or business idea. Abstract content will result in low search engine rankings, leaving your visitors confused or mislead, possibly abandoning your site permanently.

Submit content to top ranking websites
If your website offers good content, you can place a backlink and share it with social media, Ezine sites or blogs. These sites will publish your work for their subscribers to see, and in turn, visitors can either post your articles on their profiles or visit your site through your backlink. This will benefit you and the sites you submitted to since both of you will get more traffic and a higher search engine ranking.

Focus on potent keywords
After your firm establishes its business or website concepts, make sure you do your homework on keywords. Keywords are terms that an individual types in search engines when looking for information. While Google is flexible enough to accommodate searches in the form of questions, you would want the link to your site to appear on the first page of the results whenever someone types a specific word. A site which uses keywords and Google tools efficiently is guaranteed to zoom to the top of search engines.