Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why Website Still Works Amidst Social Media Conquest

It has been a common practice of businesses that have existing websites to create a social media presence as an off-page marketing tactic. But some stubborn businesses still believe that having a Facebook Page is unnecessary, while others who have Facebook Pages think it’s enough.

Each has its own pros and cons and it’s going to depend highly on the nature of your business whether to use one or both.
But why is it still essential to have a website up and running when you’re at the mercy of social media?
1) Social media platforms have terms and limitations. There’s a limit to what you can do on social media. You’re constantly competing against different businesses in the same sphere that you need to consistently produce interesting content to get attention.
2) It’s easier to optimize in search engines. You can optimize your social media accounts, but platforms like Facebook ultimately determines how and when users will be able to discover your page. This is usually done through referrals to people who share common interests. With a website, you have full control over who discovers you based on your keyword-rich content.
3) You have full control over it. You’re not bound by the limits of social media, and you get to regulate your website well. Social media is prone to blunders that can tarnish your reputation and credibility if you aren’t careful with what you publish.
4) You become more visible to your potential clients. Social media platforms make it difficult to search for local businesses with users seeing only a few results that match exactly what they had typed. With a website, you have better chances of being listed as a result to a client’s query in search engines, whether it be about the services you offer or the industry you’re in.
5) It builds credibility. Social media accounts can become verified accounts (with check marks attached to the name) but that feature isn’t available worldwide. Also, potential clients trust businesses with working websites more than those who have none.

While having social media accounts is necessary to better reach your audience, a website still trumps as being the most beneficial to your business. If you currently lack a website or are using an outdated one, call 9DotStrategies now to know how to begin building or rebuilding your web presence.