Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Factors That Make a Website Rank high in SERPs

The search engine giant named Google is a multinational firm with a main office in the United States that delivers internet-related products and services. The solutions that they offer include technologies for online advertising, productivity software, cloud computing, and the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) which has processed more than a billion keyword requests a day. Businesses that are trying to make their mark online are using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to make their corporate site rank high in the SERP to attract the consumers and possibly generate sales.

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There are a number of elements that help establish the ranking that a particular website gets in search results. Does it mean that metadata optimization as ranking factor? These key elements include the quality of the content in the site, keyword use, domain age and the popularity of the external links. The components can also be cut into subgroups, including negative SEO ranks, off page factors, and on page factors. Not everything is bad news here, since most of these elements make use of onsite parts that you have the ability to tweak.
To help your company maximize its efforts on the advertising and promotional campaigns, these are a few of the SEO factors that your firm has to think about:

Internal Linking Structure
Alter the internal linking of your business site to highlight the most useful pages. Be careful of the way your internal pages are connected. Web pages with homepage links are considered significant compared to pages that need more mouse clicks to find.

Bounce Rate
The search engines will compute the ranking of your site with this and other factors. If the search engine spiders notice that visitors only stay on your site for a few seconds, it will pull down your rank. Do your best to engage your users with streamlined infographics, images, video clips and quality content. It answers the question: Metadata optimization as ranking factor?