Monday, September 2, 2013

Tips for Improving SEO and Link Building

The universe of digital marketing has witnessed a lot of shifting over the last two years compared to the last decade, and it is all because of the release of the Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. These web tools have changed their internet marketing processes, including tasks like how the back links must be made and how websites must be constructed.

Speaking of the linking strategies for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the links that move from a site to the one you own are called “back links” simply because they direct traffic to your website. Creating these links can enhance your SEO efforts. If your firm is still making use of obsolete link building methods, it is a good idea to think about an innovative strategy for your link building.

For optimal results, concentrate your efforts on the following activities:

Analyzing the links of your competition
Checking out the link profiles of your competitors should provide a number of ideas for possible sources that must also link back to your site. Be careful not to copy the spam links of your competition, and be strict with your link building standards the whole time so that your efforts will produce links of high value. The search engines will like these links since they look natural.

Making viral content
Contrary to prior belief, very efficient linking strategies for SEO do not necessarily require any form of outreach. “Viral content creation” talks about the procedure of posting highly shareable, high value content on a website so that its links can be seeded on popular social media. If you compose amazing content or analyze the reasons why a particular link has been shared, your site visitors will be encouraged to share this with their friends. This will eventually create a lot of back links, and the best part is that you did not need to be directly involved.

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