Monday, October 14, 2013

How a Firm Can Adapt Changes in SEO Algorithm in 2013

For a company to obtain major success in the long run, it has to make good use of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. A lot of individuals are under the impression that the SEO changes for the year 2013 take too much time to execute and therefore leave the firm with losses rather than profits. These thoughts have no truth in them because the proper application of SEO tactics has always resulted in a lot of web traffic for the enterprise.

The use of different SEO strategies takes hard work and patience, which eventually pays off by providing increased revenue and more profits. As the years passed and technologies evolved, alternative strategies like digital marketing and social media have competed with SEO. The edge that SEO has over the competition is that it is still being practiced and prioritized by millions of organizations all over the globe.
Here are some SEO modifications that every industry has to anticipate in 2013:

The Avoidance of Co-occurrences
Co-occurrence has to be averted by the company if they want their corporate site to rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Search engines have been designed to be fed with significant keywords, but if these keywords appear a number of times consecutively, the Panda update from Google will detect this and penalize the site since it may be an indication of unscrupulous Black Hat SEO behavior. This will result in low ranks for the website, and no firm wants this to happen.

The Emphasis on Original Keywords
Of all the different SEO strategies that are available, spreading a few instances of original keywords in the content will immensely help the business site in getting the attention of the search engines and ranking high on their SERPs. For these keywords to be efficient, they have to be used in the headings on top of the official website, the titles, and the content.