Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Why do you need to have a responsive web design for your website? Simply because you need to keep your page rank high in search engines, and then everything else will follow. 

A responsive website design is the new requirement of search engines such as Google among websites. Search engines need to address the growing number of mobile users who daily conduct internet transactions through their smaller screen. 

A responsive website design allows users to view websites fittingly on mostly 5-inch smartphone screens, and the images and texts adjust accordingly as you move your finger on the screen. The flexibility of responsive website design to adapt the movement of the finger allows heightened user-experience and improved functionality of visual content elements. 

More than just a design, a responsive website reaches across all mobile devices, providing you a wider market to implement your internet marketing campaign for. With the growing smartphone subscribers, you can now reach your target market strategically, and provide them convenient ways to buy and pay for products/services online. The increasing value of responsive website design for search engines makes it the best tool for internet marketing campaign. 

How can a responsive website design help your internet marketing campaign? Specifically, a responsive website design offers the following benefits:

1. More back links opportunity. If your website is responsive, you can build and spread links better. Through a responsive website, you can integrate your social media campaign with your on page and off page Search Engine Optimization strategies. For example, you can enable a software app version of your featured product on the Facebook fan page, then embed links towards the main website. Create an organic link building campaign to and fro your mobile app and promote it virally through your social media accounts. If your website is not responsive, then your mobile app and social media channels, cannot deliver optimum results. 

 2. Prominence. If you want to be on top of the search results, you must adhere to the Google requirements of quality information and excellent user-experience. Redesigning your website into responsive helps you comply with Google standards and customer demands, thus keeping you on top of your field.

3. More inquiries and conversions. If you can keep the number one spot in search results, then more customers will be calling or sending you email to inquire about your featured product/service. If your website or social media page contains the necessary information for product description, price, and payment option; then you are on your way in increasing the revenue of your business. 

More back links, prominence, and sales opportunities are what a responsive website design can do for your business. These benefits can improve your overall internet marketing campaign, and enable you to achieve higher revenue at the soonest possible time within minimum budget.  

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