Monday, August 15, 2016


Every business dreams of success, but each one has its own definition of such. Success to some may only be average to others. This is because success and performance metrics differ from one business to another, and can also differ from one marketing strategy to another.

Social Media Marketing, for example, has certain metrics you need to track to ascertain your effectiveness in the digital realm.

The following are only some of the metrics you’d need to measure to keep your eyes on the prize:

User engagement: As you speak to the right people, you need to know if they’re actually listening. How many of your audience are currently and consistently interacting with you? How long does an average visitor stay on your website? How many people are retweeting and clicking your links? Take note of the statistics and see how you can improve the numbers further.

Feedback: It’s important that you know if what you’re doing online is being stomached in well by your audience. You can measure this through satisfaction ratings, sentiment analysis, and even just by reading comments on your posts.

Conversion: Measure how much from your online audience are performing your desired actions, and which social media posts are the reason.

Given these, it’s not enough that you should aim for a certain number and pat yourselves on the back when you do. You must always and consistently aim higher than your last goal.

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