Sunday, January 12, 2014

Advantage in using Pinterest

Definitely a breakout site this 2013 that nearly everyone has a new account on is Pinterest. The same way that Google Images is rapidly increasing in usage, people are gravitating towards Pinterest to get advertising pegs, home d├ęcor ideas, party favor inspirations and even wedding photography guides today.

People go to Twitter for quick updates, they go to Facebook for mostly everything else but they go to Pinterest to look for inspiration. This is a great type of audience that is very easy to convert into actual sales.

What are the advantages of using Pinterest? Should your company have its own Pinterest board today?

Stats you need to know

If you are not convinced that Pinterest is rapidly gaining online popularity, read through the facts below:

•    Currently the 3rd biggest social network, after Facebook and Twitter (with Instagram a close 4th)
•    More than 60% of Pinterest users are female, making it very attractive for those targeting the female audience
•    CTR or click-through-rates are higher in Pinterest compared to Facebook and Twitter
•    Referrals from Pinterest are inclined to spend 10% more than those referred via Facebook or Twitter

When people land on Pinterest, they stay longer in the site to view images in detail or to save photos to their own pin board. This creates a longer time of engagement with your products as compared to the constant scrolling motion associated when viewing feeds on Facebook or Twitter.

Top 5 marketing advantages via Pinterest

Create your own Pinterest account for your online product today and you can expect the following positive effects to your business:

•   Increased interest for your products since you are given customers an idea how to use your products
•    Greater online traffic to your own website, if you include a link to your site from your pins
•    Improved viral quality to your online posts since pins on Pinterest are often shared to other social networks
•    Better visibility for your brand for free!
•    Prolonged engagement with your brand and its photos

It is not just a free advertising tool for you but it is also a great way to interact with your customers online in a very visual manner.

Some great examples on how to take advantage of mood boards on Pinterest are:

•    Party table setups, with close up shots of floral centerpieces, for a flower shop
•    Mix and matched outfits from the same season collection for a clothing store, all shot outside a studio
•    Different bathroom setups using candle sticks for a candle maker
•    Mason jars used as a drinking cup, floral vase, candy container, candle holder etc. for a home supplies store
•    Dramatic to simple eye make up during engagement shoots for a make-up company

Pinterest Tips

Expect improved website traffic to your site from Pinterest after following these tips:

•    Add descriptive words to each Pinterest posts, the same branding words used for your product, if possible
•    Create “how to” articles on how to use your products and best practices
•  Design inspirational and aspirational photo shoots to post on Pinterest to generate emotional connection to your customers
•   Make yourself visible and active on Pinterest by following relevant boards and commenting on other posts, too.
•    Inject a bit of personality to your Pinterest profile – target your audience!
•    Limit the width of your post to 540 pixels
•  Use narrow images compared to wider ones since most images are viewed via mobile, where horizontal scrolling is troublesome

Take advantage of the visual nature of Pinterest to create a strong, emotional bond to your products. Images have lasting effects on people compared to just written words so make sure that they have a very strong image of your product branding when they leave the site.

Photo By:  WiBBLE