Monday, December 2, 2013

Employing Virtual Employees via Company Overview

Freelancers are just like a group of people who are searching for work, as they wish to know about the people they will be working with. They may or may not be curious about this, but it is their method of finding out if that job that they are applying to is good for them. They wish to know about their employer, how this enterprise conducts business and how it treats its employees, and what products or services it offers.

When it comes to the topic of outsourcing in the Philippines, many business entrepreneurs are not fond of revealing their company overview because of the following reasons: they are concerned about identity theft, they are not comfortable with discussing what their company is about, they do not want anyone to know that they are outsourcing some of their work, or they do not have a corporate site.

These employers need to know that their identities can still be stolen with or without outsourcing. Those firms that have set up their main offices in the Philippines actually feel that it is more secure to place sensitive information in these offshore offices. In the first place, if the owner of the business is paranoid about identity theft, the company should not outsource their work since the freelancers that they employ will know about some corporate secrets. This will just cause unwanted stress to the business owner who is so afraid of identity theft.

A firm with a company overview will find it easier to attract the types of talented people that they would hire. Freelancers who are skilled at the job descriptions that the employer provides will be filling up the business e-mail inbox with their applications.

For those companies that are thinking about outsourcing in the Philippines, they do not need a corporate site, they do not need pretend to be something that they are not, and they do not even need to share the name of the firm with anyone. They just need to clearly explain their business via their company overview.

Photo By: The K Squad