Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Own your business before it 'owns' you: Why CRM Matters

As your business grows, it gets harder and harder to keep up with your customers. To make things harder, customers also become more demanding. They often want instantaneous, smooth transactions, and, as if that isn’t enough, they want it at a moment’s notice. If they don’t get it then they’ll like consider getting it from your competitors. This is where using a CRM software can be of great help for your business.

What will a CRM Software do for my business?

A CRM software is like oil to an engine, it helps the gears move more efficiently and effectively. It helps you reduce marketing cost, manage your sales and projects, and provide a customized customer experience. A CRM software isn’t just a fancy addition for your company. It’s an investment, a capital, which continues to give back to your company through increased profits and satisfied customers. A CRM software could do all of these through:

·         Marketing Made Easier

A CRM software could keep track of your customer’s purchase behavior, thus making it easier for you to know who your most valuable customers are, who needs more persuasion through promotions, and who isn't very profitable. Through the integrated analytics, you would be able to get quick access to summarized analysis of trends and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Through this, you would never have to blindly choose a marketing strategy for each segment as it would provide you data on what works best with who, thus reducing the cost while also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts at the same time.

·         Effective Sales Management

Through a CRM software’s sales management tools, you would be able to get an overview and effectively control your company’s sales efforts. You would be able to get information regarding your prospects and your sales team’s efforts. Through data gathered from your data warehouse presented in an easy to understand interface, the software makes it easier for you to prioritize what is important. It gives you data on your sales team’s overall activity as well as their individual performance. You also would be able to tell which of your leads to prioritize through prospect analysis, allowing you to direct your team’s efforts to prospects with a high chance of future sales, reducing time wasted by your team in pursuing leads that don’t have any chance of conversion into customers.

·         Efficiency  and Teamwork Through Project Management

Communicating with your team is made easier through project management tool, which helps you direct, organize, and keep track of your current projects. You could eliminate the time wasted by your employees in figuring out what has been done and what hasn’t through progress reports, keeping you informed of your team’s progress. You would also be able to set goals and milestones, delegate tasks, and analyze your team’s progress, while also being able to guide them along the way.

A CRM software can be the next big step for your business. It helps you manage tasks, reduce risk, and boost overall productivity that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with manual work, and it’s available at a fraction of the cost.

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