Monday, March 10, 2014

Hottest SEO Consultancy jobs in 2014

There are many roles within an SEO team. It is not just a one-man team, for sure. If you are looking to hire an SEO consultant, know that there are specific roles that are often not merged, mostly because they require a very different set of skill sets and it is quite rare to find one person to have all of them combined. Plus, it is also not recommended to have a one-man team since you are increasing your dependency to just one person. Not very wise.

Here are the top 3 jobs that you should have in your SEO team either as full time members or on a consultancy basis.

Website Content Writer and Editor

Writers and editors make sure that your pages have compelling, interesting content for your readers. A steady flow of incoming published work is necessary either in your blog section or in the news section of your site. What are the qualities of a good writer or editor consultant?

•    Has an excellent written English skills
•    Can write in various tones from informal to factual and credible
•    Works fast since you also need quantity not just quality when it comes to SEO writing.

Most writers can work remotely and can just submit their work on a weekly basis.

WordPress Developer

You can choose to get a consultant or contractual team member for WordPress development. Your first step is to download the WordPress kit and understand how it can help improve your site or even just the blog section. Why do you need a WordPress developer?

•    To help customize the look of your chosen template
•  To help update the pages especially when you want new photo galleries, transitions or menu navigation bar design
•    To help you understand which sections can be edited, compressed or added plugins to

You can choose to hire your WordPress consultant at the beginning of the project and then take it from him after the setup. But if you want seamless update of your site and if you can afford it, get the developer for at least 6 months.

SEO and Data Specialist

Counting and understanding why certain pages get more traffic, why you are not seen by Google or why certain things keep you from getting a high SEO ranking and while others can drag you down.

Understanding what the numbers mean by Google Analytics can take you weeks to read through all of the data that they can give you by default. Then there are the customizations that you can do to make sure you are converting your traffic into money (which what we all aim to do).