Monday, November 21, 2016

5 Twitter Marketing Tactics you should be using

According to Statista, there are already 302 million active Twitter users in the first quarter of 2015. Twitter has been widely recognized as an essential tool not only for social networking, but also for social media marketing. All well-known brands have Twitter accounts, and it’s not unlikely that your competitor does too.

Listed below are 5 Twitter marketing tactics that will surely help you get a better lead:

1) Lead Generation Cards
You may not have heard about this feature on Twitter, and if you have, here’s why you need to utilize it. Lead generation cards on Twitter allows your followers to subscribe to your mailing list with just one click of a button. These cards automatically capture the email addresses of the Twitter accounts attached to them, which makes the whole process easier and hassle-free for your audience. According to Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc., Twitter-generated leads have a 31% higher email open rate than other newsletter recipients, and a 45% higher click rate than the same.

2) Utilize hashtags and trends wisely
There have been instances where businesses had earned bad rep because they didn’t understand the nature of the hashtag they used when tweeting. It’s important to stay intelligent when finding trending topics and hashtags that are relevant to your business, and also to use them sparingly. There are tools you can use for you to determine which tweets you tagged are getting you impressions so you’d know which hashtags you can reuse and reutilize.

3) Timing is key
You’ve probably heard that there are perfect times to post content online. According to Quick Sprout, the best days to tweet for B2B are on weekdays when there is 14% more engagement. For B2C, Wednesdays and weekends are the best days when engagements and click-through rates (CTR) are relatively higher. Tweets published on 12 noon and 6 pm received the highest CTRs, while tweets published at 5 pm receive the highest retweets. This is because people are more likely to use Twitter during lunch breaks or while commuting home. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

4) Interact/tag influencers and experts of your company’s industry
Doing this helps you get discovered by the followers of those influencers and experts who would trust anyone the people they follow trust. It’s in these situations when word-of-mouth is powerful. Interact and engage with these influencers as frequently as possible, but take care not to be over promotional. Look for opportunities to collaborate. If you need serious social media management to boost your but don’t have time to manage your social media channels, then consider outsourcing your work. This way, you get a constant stream of traffic while focusing on what you do best – sell.

5) Share content repeatedly
Wisemetrics has discovered that on average, a second tweet that talks about or promotes a certain subject gets around 86% as much engagement as the first tweet you’ll make about the same subject. So it’s okay for you to share content more than once, especially when only a handful of your followers will be able to see your first tweet. Also, it’s important to keep in mind too that according to SocialBro, Tweets with URLs placed in the middle are 26% more likely to get retweeted than those with URLs placed at the end.
Keep these Twitter tactics in mind and soon enough you’ll be a master marketer of this social media platform!